GJM was born in 1985 as a family business in La Roca del Vallés.

During our years of expanding we have been through many different changing phases making sure that we have always followed the evolution and needs of the national market.

We first started in the Telecom Sector working for clients like Alcatel or Amper amongst others..

Later on, we concentrated in the IT Sector following the entrance in the Spanish market of HP (Spain). Fujitsu, Olivetti and IBM being our main clients. Theses companies moved their production to the Asian Market creating a migration towards local business who offered a more competitive market price.

As today, with a 90% of the total production, the automative sector is the most important market that we are still working with exporting to more of 22 worldwide countries.

During the year 2000 onwards whilst looking for reduction in costs and when many of our main clients moved to countries were they could keep their produciton at low cost. It was in 2004 that we were motivated to gain competitiveness in prices that we created a joint venture with a Romanian company which after gaining knowledge in taxing and employment law we created GJM Components SRL.

This was followed by GJM Mexico later on in 2012 searching our entrance in the American market.

Fhilosophy and environmental principles

We work to obtain the excellent supplier status of our clients

PHILOSOPHYDeclaration of Principles
1. Obtain the excellent supplier status of your clients
2. Develop and Build reliable and robust products
3. Achieve excellence in quality
4. Obtain competitive costs within the market
5. Get benefits
6. Safeguard and / or protect the environment
7. Maintain a participatory and cooperative environment among employees
8. Maintain comfortable manufacturing structures that take into account the health of workers
9. Earn market share
10. Stay in the market indefinitely
ENVIRONMENTAL PRINCIPLESResponsible corporate citizen
Among the environmental principles as a responsible corporate citizen, GJM is dedicated to protecting human health, natural resources and the environment. This principle reaches beyond compliance with the law, to encompass the integration of sound environmental practices in our economic decisions.

The following environmental principles provide the management and staff of GJM throughout the world, the conduct of their daily business practices.

• We are committed to the actions of recycling and preservation of the environment.
• We are committed to reducing waste and polluting agents, preservatives and recycling materials at each stage of the product’s life cycle.
• We will continue to actively participate in educating staff regarding environmental conservation.
• We will continue to pursue the development and implementation of technologies for the minimization of pollutants.
• We will continue working with those governmental entities for the development of sound techniques and financially responsible environmental laws and regulations.
• We will continuously determine the impact of our products on the environment and the communities in which we live and function as a goal of continuous improvement.

Main Production Plant and central offices

We gain in competitiveness


C/. Josep Torelló, 19-21
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La Roca del Vallés
Barcelona – España

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C/. Josep Torelló, 19-21
Barri La Torreta 08430
La Roca del Vallés
Barcelona – España


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